Deer Stand Descriptions

PENTHOUSE  is our  largest  it will house two men comfortably.  It weighs 130 lb.   The unit is made of hand laded fiberglass  applied to a thickness of  approx. 1/8 “.   The floor size is  50’ wide  and 70” long . This blind is 6’ 7 “ tall.  The base model has 6 windows, they are located .. one on each end and 2 on each side.  These are  gun windows are 12”  x  19”  they are  made of  smoke tented single pane 1/8  plexi or lexan .  I also offer windows that are usable for bow hunting  there size is 12” wide  and are 30”  tall  each of these windows cost extra  see table below we use simple twist latches for closure and they are double hinged  that swing right or left  depending on inside position. The base model is painted a single flat green color.  The door is triple hinged  with two twist  door latches.


WILD MAN   Is our  single hunter unit. It weighs  100 lb.   The unit is made the same as the penthouse .   Its size is 50” X  50”    and 6’ 7” tall.  It is supplied with four  12” x 19” plexi or lexan windows   they are located on each side   The door  is 58” tall and 24”  wide  with a window in  it. This unit is also painted flat green.  Camouflaging is available  priced below.


This is my original blind. I created it in 2004, my goal was to have a lazy boy recliner inside the unit and relax hence ( LAZYMANSTAND CO.)   The blind is round  with four window ports, with openings to shoot ,  8” tall and 23” wide.  The blind is 5’ round  with the side are 6’ tall  with the center raised to a 6’ 4” to stand easily  the unit weighs  130 lbs.  Is has a 24” x 27” door that opens inside  also spin style door latches  and double hinged.  The unit comes assembled  but can be disassembled  easily.  I Provide a solid roof  or if desired I have a two piece unit.  ( Hauls easier )


Deer Stands

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